I am clearly out of the groove of taking sports photos.  This Saturday marked the opening of basketball season for both kids and I completely failed in the photography department.  Kate had her game on Saturday, and I showed up wit a drained battery and no back-up.  At least I got midway through the second quarter before the battery died.  Kate had a good game, too. She scored 4 points for her team and if you’ve ever watched rec league 4 th grade girls basketball, you won’t be surprised to find out that she was the high scorer!  Those pictures are here.

Ben’s game was on Sunday and I had a freshly charged battery!  But no memory cards.  I had forgotten to put them in the camera bag I use for basketball (my soccer bag is one that will accommodate the camera with a long lens already mounted, whereas I use the 85 1.8 to shoot basketball).  So of course I have NO pictures from that game.  And it’s too bad, since th Ben also had a good game, including 6 points in the 4 th quarter, with his last basket being the game winner. So frustrating, but now my bag is all packed, and double and triple checked.

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