New Year’s Eve

We rested up at the hotel for a bit, then headed down to the executive lounge for drinks and appetizers.  

We then headed out to Grand Place again to watch Ted’s favorite light show, after which we looked for a place for dinner. 

We ended up eating at a restaurant inside one of the guild houses, and we were seated on the uppermost level with a great view of the square. Unfortunately for Ted, who was anticipating being able to watch the light show over and over again, the one we saw earlier in the evening was the last one of the night.

This guy almost smacked Kate as he leaned back, so she decided to copy his pose.

After a leisurely meal, we again strolled through the Christmas market and then back to the hotel to get warm. Around 10:30 we went back out to join the crowds at Place de Brouckere for the fireworks.  It was crowded but festive, as we danced along to the DJ spinning tunes who was shown on video screens.

We were all bundled up but the crowds and the dancing kept us warm!

At the stroke of midnight, there were fireworks, and some of the crowd around us started popping champagne. We joked that we would all smell of booze when we boarded the plane the next day.

After all the fun, we went back to the hotel and finally got to bed around 2 a.m

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