Delayed Christmas and New Year

Since we were away on the actual holidays, we had small celebrations once we were home.

We opened Christmas gifts on Friday night after we got back, which was only fitting since it was the Epiphany.  We did stockings first, per usual, and then the gifts that we couldn’t fit into our luggage. 

One of my gifts was a Google Home so we’ll see how it stacks up with the Amazon Echo (I have a regular Echo and 2 Dots).

Then the following day we were supposed to recreate our traditional New Year’s Eve dinner with our good friends from Richmond and with our former nanny, Zeny. Unfortunately an ice storm south of us derailed our friends’ travel plans and they couldn’t drive up.

We had all the steaks and other accompaniments, including the turkey that was already brined and ready to fry, so we went ahead with everything except the lobster (which we hadn’t bought yet).  We missed our friends but it was still a nice dinner. This is the first time we’ve missed this dinner in 20 years.  Even when we went to Asia for the holidays we made.sure to get back in time, landing late afternoon on New Year’s Eve but still managing to pull it off with the help of our friends.

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